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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

2013 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

Understanding Injury-related Mortality in Kigali, Rwanda

Woon Cho Kim, Emory University School of Medicine

Injury is an increasingly significant global public health problem. In Rwanda, injury is thought to be one of the central causes of morbidity and mortality, especially of concern in low- to middle-income populations. However, limited mechanisms exist to study injury's burden on the population of 11 million.

This EGHI Field Scholar project was a collaborative effort with four hospitals in the capital of Kigali. The overall goal of the project was to provide a foundation for a better response to local needs and priorities in Rwanda. Specifically, the project is part of a global initiative to identify and describe existing gaps in the emergency care system in Kigali, with the goal of strengthening capacity for pre-hospital and hospital-based trauma care.

To achieve these objectives, Ms. Kim:

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