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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

2009 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

Evaluation of Trauma Training in Rwanda

Rachel Webman, Emory University School of Medicine

fsa project 2009 traumaMs. Webman is working with the National University of Rwanda to evaluate the impact of a trauma care training course in Rwanda. Injury is one of the leading causes of death in East Africa, with more people dying every year from injuries than from malaria and HIV/AIDS combined. Because of this, increased training among health care workers in trauma care would provide a significant health benefit to patients suffering from injury in Rwanda.

This project is a controlled prospective before and after intervention study evaluating participant change in clinical behavior and patient outcomes at two Rwandan hospitals selected by colleagues at the National University of Rwanda. The study's primary goals are: 1) to address the lack of formal trauma training among health care workers in Rwanda by introducing the Acute Trauma Care Course (ACT) to health care personnel; and 2) to assess the efficacy of the training program via the controlled cohort study. Ms. Webman will work with health care personnel to collect trauma-related morbidity and mortality data of admitted trauma patients, directly observe the application and increased utilization of appropriate trauma skills acquired during the ACT training, and conduct statistical analysis of the data.

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