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Emory Global Health Case Competitions

2014 Intramural Emory Global Health Case Competition

In February 2014, the Emory Global Health Institute hosted its annual Emory Global Health Case Competition. The 2014 Intramural competition brought 12 Emory teams together to propose a bid to the International Olympic Committee that demonstrated their proposed cities' ability to host the 2024 Summer Olympic games. Crucial to each team's city bid was the incorporation of an innovative public health intervention that would improve the health of the host city's and/or country's population. Teams could select any city and develop any public health intervention that met the needs of that city. The winning team proposed the city of Istanbul, Turkey, and incorporated a public health program focused on smoking cessation and physical activity into its bid. The team won a $3000 prize and will compete against 23 guest university teams during the Institute's March 2014 International Emory Global Health Case Competition. Read the Emory Report article about the competition here.


Members of the 2014 Intramural Emory Global Health Case Competition winning team.
Students from left are: Grace Schroer, Rollins School of Public Health; Daniel Hofstein, Goizueta Business School;
 Stephanie Greeson, Laney Graduate School; Leslie Munoz,
Rollins School of Public Health; and Sara Demas, Rollins School of Public Health.

Second-place Team

Andrea Fadel, Rollins School of Public Health
Lauren Head, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Maria Nelson, Rollins School of Public Health
Tswewang Rigzen, Laney Graduate School
Moka Yoo, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

Third-place Team

Hannah Chen, Emory College
Mian Cheng, Laney Graduate School
Sherin Jacob, Rollins School of Public Health
Divya Sonti, Rollins School of Public Health
Amy Yu, Rollins School of Public Health

Innovation Award

Ioulia Fenton, Laney Graduate School
Timothy Fulton, Rollins School of Public Health
Noah Marwil, Rollins School of Public Health
Christine Pieton, Goizueta Business School
Mark Thomas, Goizueta Business School/Rollins School of Public Health
Mireille Williams Sharp, Goizueta Business School/Emory University School of Medicine

2014 Intramural Competition Sponsors

As with previous Emory Global Health Case Competitions, the 2014 intramural competition was coordinated in part by the Institute's Student Advisory Committee, and was a huge success.

Case Summary and Process

Since its inception in 1894, the modern Olympic Movement has stood for peace, unity. friendship, and fairness. A former world champion fencer, Thomas Bach, became the new International Olympic Committee (IOC) President in September 2013 and decided that the Olympics would contribute to sustainable socioeconomic development worldwide. He considered the importance of health in achieving sustainable development worldwide, and felt that there was no better symbol for the potential of the human mind and spirit than the Olympic Games. He imagined an Olympics that would engage audiences and the host nation to improve and promote health in measurable ways in the Games' host cities or countries.

Bach's first opportunity to achieve this goal was the 2024 Summer Olympics. To that end, he and the IOC requested bids from Olympic-hopeful cities and partnered with the United Nationals (UN) for the first time to evaluate them. These two perspectives ensured that bid packages demonstrated typical aspects of Olympic bids such as the logistical and financial feasibility of a city hosting the Games but also included a program that would address the public health needs of the host city or country. The proposals needed to demonstrate how hosting the Olympics would have a transformative effect on the public health and well-being of the host city's or country's population. Case Competition teams served as the different cities proposing Olympic bids while judges served as IOC members. You can read the full case here.

Competition Judges

Charles H. Battle
International Advisor to the Pyeongchang, South Korea Olympic Bid Committee
J. Veronica Biggins
Managing Director, Diversified Search
Carlos del Rio 
Professor and Chair, Hubert Department of Public Health, Rollins School of Public Health
Michael M.E. Johns, Jr.
Chancellor Emeritus of Emory University; Professor, Emory University School of Medicine 
Jeffrey P. Koplan
Vice President for Global Health, Emory University 
Valarie Wilson
Executive Director, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership 

The Emory Global Health Case Competition is an exciting opportunity for students to participate in a global health challenge using a real-world, multidisciplinary approach.

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