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Emory Global Health Case Competitions

2012 International Emory Global Health Case Competition

In March 2012, the Emory Global Health Institute hosted its fifth Emory Global Health Case Competition and first international global health case competition. The 2012 International competition brought multidisciplinary teams together from 23 different universities to address the issue of health and social disparities in Sri Lanka. The winning team was from Emory University and won a $6,000 prize. Boston University took second place and the Participant's Choice Award, while the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and the University of Southern California received Honorable Mention awards. The University of Alabama took home the competition's Innovation Award. Read the Emory Report article about the competition here.

2012 international cc 1 inset

Members of the 2012 International Emory Global Health Case Competition winning team.
Students from left are: Sandra Dube, Goizueta Business School; Britt Gayle,
Emory University School of Medicine/Rollins School of Public Health; Annie Herold,
Emory School of Law; Bradley Wagenaar, Rollins School of Public Health; Aidan Varan,
Rollins School of Public Health; and Jennifer Richards, Rollins School of Public Health.

Boston University - Second Place and Participants' Choice Award

2012 international cc 2 insetMembers of the Boston University team, which placed second and won the Participants' Choice Award.

Ivan Busulwa, BU School of Management/BU School of Public Health
Darash Desai, BU College of Engineering
Margaret Meyer, BU School of Management/BU School of Public Health
Sunil Nair, BU School of Medicine/BU School of Management
Catherine Shih, BU School of Management/BU School of Public Health
Daniel Silva, BU School of Medicine

University of Southern California - Honorable Mention

2012 international cc usc Members of the USC team.

Divya Bhamidipati, Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences and Psychology
Sarah Bridge, Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences and Spanish
Peter Eskander, Arts & Sciences, Global Health and Theater
Rebecca Gao, Keck School of Medicine
Jasmine Thum, Viterbi School of Engineering
Hao-Hua Wu, Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences and East Asian Studies

Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico - Honorable Mention

2012 cc international itam Members of the ITAM team.

Leticia Eugenia Segura de los Rios Alvarez, College of Political Science
Liliana Cecilia Peneda Arias, College of Economics
Maria Fernanda Cobo Armijo, College of Law
Andrea Isoard Arrubarrena, College of Economics
Christian Ferando Cuerllar Perez Rea, College of International Affairs
Isabel Argelia Segura del Rio, College of Political Science



University of Alabama at Birmingham - Innovation Award

2012 cc international uab Members of the UAB team.

Kathy Jo Carstaphen, School of Medicine/School of Public Health
Anna Joy Graves, School of Medicine/School of Public Health
Ranjith Kasanagottu, School of Medicine
Michael Nelson, School of Health Professions
Nathaniel Rogers, School of Medicine
Rebecca Williams, School of Medicine


2012 International Competition Sponsors

As with previous Emory Global Health Case Competitions, the 2012 International competition was initiated and coordinated by the Institute's Student Advisory Committee, and was a huge success.

Case Summary and Process

Sri Lanka has a long, complicated, and war-torn socio-political history, and there are major health and social disparities between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamil populations. CanAID, Canada's Agency for International Development, has worked in Sri Lanka for several years and is reevaluating all of its bilateral programs amidst a wave of criticism for engaging with countries that have been suspected of human rights abuses. Bruce Anderson, CanAID's country director for Sri Lanka, is charged with setting and justifying the agency's strategic priorities for Sri Lanka for the next three years and will present this strategic plan to CanAID's leadership in Ottawa. During the strategic planning process, Bruce had concerns about the accuracy of the data available. He was especially suspicious of the data in a report compiled by a firm in Colombo as it appeared to resemble Sri Lankan government press releases. Bruce commissioned a second report by an independent firm and will discuss the findings and arrive at his recommendations through consultations with multidisciplinary consultant teams, played by the case competition teams. Bruce and these teams much synthesize the issues, articulate a vision for engagement in Sri Lanka that CanAID's leadership will support, and provide innovative, effective, justifiable, and diplomatically plausible plans for addressing the health and social disparities in Sri Lanka. If you would like to see a copy of the full case, please click here.

The 23 teams were split into four streams. Judges selected a finalist team from each stream, which competed against each other after being presented with a new challenge to the case. Judges then selected the first-, second-, and two honorable mention teams from the four finalist teams. Student participants who did not make the final round of the competition also judged the four finalist teams and selected a Participants' Choice Award winner. Additionally, judges selected a non-finalist team that presented an original solution to win the competition's Innovation Award.

Pilot Video Stream Competition

While the main competition was taking place, the University of British Columbia and the Israel's Ben-Gurion University competed in a video competition. Ben-Gurion won the video presentation.

Competition Judges

2012 cc international judgesVeronica Biggins
Managing Director, Diversified Search
Edward S. Heys, Jr.
Deputy Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Phil Jacobs
Partner, The Pendleton Consulting Group
Harold W. Jaffe, MD
Associate Director for Science, CDC
Martha Katz
Independent Health Care Consultant and Trustee of the Georgia Health Foundation
Rebecca Martin, PhD
Director, Global Immunization Division, CDC
Gene W. Matthews, JD
Director, The Network for Public Health and Sr. Fellow, NC Institute for Public Health
Dave Peterson
Founder and Partner, North Highland Worldwide Consulting
Michael T. Petrik, JD
Partner, Alston & Bird, LLP
Moitreyee Sinha
Technology Leader, General Electric Company
Charles Stokes
President and CEO, CDC Foundation
Marni Vliet
Independent Health Care Consultant

The Emory Global Health Case Competition is an exciting opportunity for students to address a real-world global health challenge using a multidisciplinary approach.

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