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COVID-19 Children's eBook Competition

Coronavirus -19 (COVID-19), a highly infectious and potentially deadly virus, was first identified in patients in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and has rapidly spread around the globe. The virus has caused massive ebook-comp-winner_website-image.pngdisruptions in daily life for persons from all walks of life and age groups, and it dominates media coverage and personal conversations. Suddenly, individuals and families are facing stay-in-place orders, travel bans, sickness and even death among family and friends, concerns about job security and finances, and the list goes on.

During times of crisis, young school-aged children are particularly vulnerable to anxiety and stress. The COVID-19 pandemic can be scary for this age group. Children can be supported by providing age-appropriate information on the situation, guidance on actions to keep them safe, and reassurance that many people are working to fight the virus and end the pandemic. Age-appropriate books are an excellent way to provide information to children on COVID-19, but there are few available.

EGHI invited interested writers and illustrators (or aspiring writers and illustrators!) to write and illustrate a children’s eBook aimed at providing age-appropriate information for children ages 6-9 on the COVID-19 pandemic. The eBook submission guidelines required books to include age-appropriate, factual information on COVID-19, reassure the reader they are safe and that it is ok to feel upset, and describe actions taken by medical professionals and others. Other content could also include behaviors to help them stay safe and healthy such as appropriate handwashing techniques, social distancing, healthy diets and rest.

The winner received $10,000 plus online publication of their eBook on the EGHI website, social media platforms, and all EGHI promotional materials. Additionally, four books were selected to receive an honorable mention award of $1,000. To read the winning selections, click on the book titles below. 

Winning Submission 


COVID-19 Helpers by Beth Bacon and Kary Lee


Honorable Mention


Bray Bray Conquers the Coronavirus by Ashley Maxie-Moreman and Joanah Whitely 



Together: Living Life During COVID-19 by Kevin Poplawski and Michael Rausch



We're Going to Be O.K. by Leigh-Ann Webb, Ebony Jade Hilton, and Ashleigh Corrin Webb



What Color is Today? by Alison StephensPre-order the hard copy!