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Who's Working Where

The Emory Global Health Institute developed the Emory Global Engagement Directory to provide a searchable listing of Emory faculty members engaged in global work or who possess relevant expertise. The Emory Global Health Institute gathered this information from a variety of sources, including school websites, annual reports, surveys, and individuals. The level of detail that was available from these different sources varies widely, as reflected in this spreadsheet. To request edits or additions, please send an email to globalfaculty@emory.edu.

Please Note: This directory is best viewed in the Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari browser. Please switch to one of these browsers if you encounter difficulties using Firefox or other browsers.

This directory is intended to provide a simple, short-term solution for those who need to know “who is working where” at Emory. We anticipate that in the future this directory will be replaced by “Emory FIRST,”  a new online database currently under development that is designed to help promote faculty research and teaching. Emory FIRST will capture research resources and services as well as faculty publications, grants, professional activities, and areas of research, and will be searchable by country. As of fall 2015, Emory FIRST is in phased implementation at the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Business. Several other schools are in discussion to implement it by 2018.

In the meantime, we hope you find this directory useful.